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Bata Plastics Inc is a Full-Service Plastics Recycling company established in 1985.  As a full-service recycler, Bata specializes in recycling all types of post-industrial scrap plastic parts, purges, sprues, runners, obsolete resins, paper, cardboard, and metals.  With two fully functional processing locations, Grand Rapids MI, and Toledo OH, Bata scrap suppliers enjoy quick full drop trailer turnaround and invoice payment.

To best provide exceptional service, each location provides drop trailers, fulltime corporate drivers, toll processing, fully automated receiving system, guaranteed part destruction, onsite zero waste and continuous improvement consulting, as well as material sorting, baling, washing and metal separation.  Many of these processed scraps create a closed loop recycling program by sending regrinds back to the customer for cost saving programs.  Those materials not returned are sold to multiple differing outlets such as other injection molders, recyclers, export buyers and compounders.

If your company would like an exceptional recycling experience, please feel free to reach out right away to see how our Bata Team will best help you.