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Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

We sell our regrinds to companies who do injection molding, sheet extrusion, blow molding, compounding, etc. Regrinds can be used with minor equipment adjustments to save money. Some of our customers use regrinds at 100%, some blend as needed.

Most of our feedstocks are mixed colors to go black. However, we do generate some lots of material in natural, light tints, or straight black. Ask your sales representative for more information regarding specific grades.

We can provide representative samples of materials for testing and evaluation.

We usually sell in truckload quantities, but we can also sell in LTL quantities.

We can do whichever you prefer. Pricing would be adjusted accordingly.

While we do sell some spot loads, the majority of material we sell is available continuously. Volume will vary depending upon material type and market conditions.

All scrap is inspected upon receipt. Our processing systems are set up to enable us to find and eliminate paper, metal, and other potential contaminants prior to grinding. We also have a lab onsite to perform testing.

Sellers Frequently Asked Questions

We purchase post-industrial process waste, including parts, purge, logs, trim waste, bottles, bales, etc. We also purchase items such as shipping crates, totes, pallets, and other items that may be considered “post-consumer.”

We will be happy to answer any questions and provide assistance with identification of materials via sampling or other means. Collection feasibility would be determined by the volume being generated and the storage space you have available. We can offer assistance regarding sorting and storage for the best return.

We usually purchase in truckload quantities but can take a combination of items such as bales and boxes. Depending on type of scrap, a truckload may range from a net weight of 8,000 lbs up to 40,000 lbs. Pricing will be based accordingly. Please contact a purchasing agent for more information.

Yes, if there is a good indication that there is no contamination. Specification sheets on materials are very helpful and sampling may be requested.

We inspect loads upon receipt. If there is an issue regarding contamination, we will work with suppliers to resolve.